Clip “Unboxing and trying the heels a fan sent me”

A fan send me two pairs of wonderful heels. A super pointed high heels black leather pumps from the Italian designer 1969, and a sky-high pairs of black patent platform pumps with rounded toes and a 15cm ultra thin black metal heels… with a sexy full red patent sole… I unbox them and wear them… […]

piss shoes

Clip “Piss in 2 pairs of louboutin replica high heels”

I received a request about piss in my white louboutin replica and help my partner to piss inside my other gradient black/nude louboutin replica. Here is the clip. While is my round, (I wear 12,5cm heels extra long toes pumps) , I lost control of my stream so I laugh ¬†and I need his penis […]