Clip “Shoejob with 12cm pumps and 15cm extreme sandals”

I start to massage and crush my partner’s cock with 12cm black decolletes with black patent with red soles. I squeeze his balls very hard. then i take off a shoe. At first i use the barefoot too with nylon, stroking his cock between a stocking covered foot and a arched in heel ones. Then i take my ultra thin 15cm sandals brand 1969 italian real leather. I use them on feet but i also enjoy using them on his cock with hands. I tease her urethra hole too but without insert it.  At the end i let he cum on the foot wearing that sandal. Very long clip. Multiple point of view. Double view of cushot with big load on the foot with stocking and shoe. HQ video 2 DIFFERENT PAIR OF HEELS. Special Price 50% off clips4sale price. Only 6$  for 15 min video !! shoejob heels


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