Saint Valentine in boots

Spend a beautiful evening with romantic dinner, wearing a sexy outfit to please my partner, with black stocking with garter belt, leopard underwear and tight high boots with heels… and at home… start actions!

My new nude pumps with pins

I always liked these king of pumps, and I was looking for a pair of heels to wear in many occasions, also when u have to walk a bit or wear them for long time, so I can’t choose a 12cm pairs. Well I bought these nude with red sole and they feel super ! […]

Sunday evening outfit

Winter is coming here and for a Sunday evening dinner i wore my full pin covered pointed pumps, black suede with 10cm heels, and leather look leggings I just bought today :). My partner said It’s a very sexy view so may be after dinner it will be a hot night. Stay tuned on my […]